If you are a small or medium company emails to send your future customers, promotions or information about your services are a great tool, help from health professionals such as a bariatric surgeon Tijuana Mexico to food companies. But since everything requires knowing how to use it to be successful, that’s why here are some tips that will be very useful when sending emails.

Avoid sending messages with large attachments and heavy images
Although having a striking template and adding some images that capture the attention of people is important, sending too heavy emails can be counterproductive. For example heavy images that take a long time to load or if that image had most of the text you wanted to transmit is very likely not to be seen as not many are currently so patient to wait for all the images to load, or to download them manually , if they see that it takes a long time they will eliminate it, they will go to the next mail.

Also if you send heavy attachments, you run the risk of not only raising antivirus alerts and firewalls, but some email services simply truncate very heavy emails.

Test your emails before sending them
In email marketing you must ensure that everything works as it should, from the aspect of the email until all the links and buttons included actually take you to the right place. Sadly we are human and we are wrong, it is possible that among so many aspects to consider forgetting any of them, only a wrong letter in the code can create some error in the transcription of a link or a configuration problem, end up damaging the finish end of your email, making it lose its effectiveness. That is why sending a test message before sending it massively can save you from making an error that could negatively impact your brand.

Do not forget to include links
A common mistake is the sending of emails without any link or call to action. Email marketing should be the gateway through which the subscriber accesses your web page, where you can immerse yourself in your content, or take it directly to a link with the description of a product or service that can become a sale .

Include links and buttons with call-to-actions is crucial for your email marketing campaign does not end up being a waste of time, effort and money.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you ensure the success of your email marketing campaign, by making your subscribers not receive content that may be annoying or that does not look as you would like.