Currently we have the example of thousands of entrepreneurs of which we can learn from their successes and their mistakes, so if someone fails in your business is because you do not want to succeed, the information is at hand and serves us all, and Whether you want to start with a hot dog stand or a dental clinic in Tijuana, the tips we collect will help you a lot.

First create a short business plan
Do not think about a business plan with many pages only define your product and your audience, even learn how to do a market study for your new idea.
Focus on creating a brief but concise, something basic to start and as you execute you are editing and adding more information. In the same way you are starting, surely your idea will be transformed over time.

Think like a seller
A successful entrepreneur is a salesperson. Therefore, before thinking about technical or design aspects, think about where you are going to sell your product and what need you are solving.

Assume failure as part of the process
Being mentally strong means understanding that the process to achieve success is covered in failures. No person who achieved success did it without first living and assuming failure.

In fact, recognizing that you are wrong helps you to get on the path to success. Has it never happened to you that your great advances and discoveries are made when you are frustrated, assuming difficult moments and full of doubts?

This happens because the frustration forces you to think differently, to look outside the box and consider the solution that you did not consider.

Keep in mind that you will hardly learn how to be successful on your first attempt, which can not be a reason to give up your dreams and purposes.

When you are going through these difficult moments, change your way of doing things, but never your goal to undertake. Ask yourself what you will do tomorrow to carry that entrepreneurial lifestyle that you have been dreaming of for so long.