The social perception of marketing has its origin in the reality of the markets, and it is not an invention. Citizens do not reach this conclusion free of charge or interested. For decades, they have been the recipients of projects, ideas, and actions that have used marketing in a promotional way, to put into value what they wanted to sell regardless of their potential attractiveness to the potential customer. Consumers have learned to defend themselves against promotions, advertising, discounts, etc., presumably manipulated and that is the product of marketing. But not all products or services are garbage, some we still need it with or without advertising like a neurologist or dental crowns Tijuana, and if they promote them shelves doesn’t mean they are wrong, they want us to find them more easily.

Marketing professionals have it difficult. Or they assume that their function is a bland result of a process of which they are mere spectators, installed at the periphery of the creative and productive process, or else they debate in sterile discussions to influence what.

The Academy does not help precisely the promotion of good reputation and good marketing. In general, it feels comfortable to act as an institution and to divulge techniques that ignore the teaching of Marketing in its holistic conception.

So, what is marketing good for? Its purpose is to guide the management of technical, productive and all kinds of an organization (or a person) to transform them into products, services or processes (read in its broadest sense) to solve problems, open new and better possibilities and that, ultimately, be useful to society.

In other words, the contribution of marketing to the creation of value is facilitating and strategic: defining what (benefits, use, etc.) and who (the people to whom that product or service is useful). A task was more than necessary in a time of unprecedented scientific and technical innovation, which is not always diligently transferred in the form of products and services useful to the population.

The issue is not marketing. The problem is the inappropriate use that is made of it and that, with digital media, multiplies exponentially.