In this globalized world everything is changing and evolving and in the business world it is not far behind, the area of ​​digital marketing, just like with any activity that refers to the Internet. What was new a few months ago is possible today is obsolete. That is why we bring you information about some of the technologies that are marking the future.

It is very important that companies and agencies specializing in digital marketing adapt to these changes of trend and know how to integrate fluidly their strategy, they may need to invest in training with an expert to have better results. In general, companies that innovate are usually placed in a more privileged position in the market with respect to their competition, it does not matter if it is a food business or a clinic of plastic surgery in Tijuana.

The automation
One of the technologies that are changing the digital sector more remarkable and that constitutes one of the essential points to carry a strategy of success is the incorporation of a system that allows to streamline or automate all possible areas of the process.

Automation makes it possible to create techniques that mechanize the marketing actions defined in the strategy, which allow managing the portfolio of consumers and potential customers in a more specific way.

For example, the development of automation technologies in CRM software that help optimize monitoring and customer service by offering new forms of both recruitment and loyalty, such as chatbots.

Streaming video
The ease we have to consult information in real time from any point thanks to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets favors the use of live video platforms that right now almost all social networks have the option of making live videos and this allows Companies get more participation from users or potential customers.

The creation of videos has skyrocketed in the last year, especially among younger generations such as millennials. This public considers the visual information of images and videos as the best way to share and communicate information.