Although humans are rational beings many times we get carried away by our emotions and most of the decisions we make, we take them based on our emotions even if you do not want to, sometimes we do not even realize it and the marketers have realized this fact and they have modified the way in which they communicate the benefits or attributes that a product or service can possess and it is that analyzing any industry of today, no matter what is being commercialized, they all have something in common, a high level of competence and much more dentists in Tijuana Mexico.

And it seems that we are in the war with so much competition in any industry and it is no longer enough to simply expose your value proposition to persuade the potential consumer, and is that unless you already have a multi-million dollar company, it is likely that Your project does not take off without a different marketing effort.

It is very important to understand that nowadays it is not only bought by necessity, more than anything else we buy what we like and what makes us identify, often the price is not an obstacle, if something is very expensive but it makes us feel important people are indebted for having that item, even the simplest things like soda advertisements where the center is not the product if not, the happy moments that accompany you drink, joy, love and other fairy tales from when we were young and happy.

We see very smart strategies in banking where they do not sell you a rate below the market, if not they sell you the chance to achieve your dream of that precious house, they do not sell you a credit card, they sell you status and this you can notice from the different colors in the plastic, it does not matter what the annuity cost plus you want to have the silver card. But one of the most brilliant strategies are those that are focused on that of Woman, a sensitive strategy for the beautiful, more sensitive nature, of which you must also be very careful not to fall into sexist or discriminating clichés since women they are more aware and look for brands that handle more real models and similar to them, no longer accept advertising that only highlights the bones.

So the next time you upload a photo in your instagram virtual store, instead of promoting the material of the dress, focus on conveying how beautiful the young student would look if she could buy it if she acquires it.