If you still believe that Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are the key social networks, consider it again. Incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy is a must from now on. So you’re interested in familiarizing yourself with this platform as soon as possible.

All statistics show their potential. Pinterest pins are 100 times more extensible than a tweet. And its half-life is 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post.

But what is really Pinterest? Many will believe that it is that platform on which people plan unrealistic weddings. And the truth is that its users can not only dream about this kind of thing. They also look for recipes, design their homes, learn with thousands of informations and find inspiration of all kinds and if you are a professional Tijuana dentist this can be a great help with images of nice smiles or if you have a gym, promote it with pictures of the results you can get if you go to your gym

In fact, the platform already has more than 75 million ideas.

Incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy will allow you to show your potential customers examples and ideas about how a product or service of yours will help them. In fact, when they look for solutions or something of inspiration, they will go to this platform. And the most logical thing is that you are in it.

However, you must be strategic with your pins.

Benefits of incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy

At the user level, Pinterest is interesting because it allows access to different visual references about any topic. What serves as an undoubted source of inspiration. No doubt this platform is positioned as a source of very interesting documentation. Infographics, for example, are one of the key resources that educate users the most.

However, the really interesting thing about integrating Pinterest in your marketing strategy comes from the advantages it can provide to your business:

It will help you to promote all your products and services in a less intrusive and original way.

You will be present on a platform where a large part of your potential audience moves.

You will generate inspiration. And as such, you will have more facility to stay in the top of mind of the users.

You will achieve, in a simpler way, a greater organic positioning.

Also, generate traffic to your blog or website.

You will have access to statistics, analysis and graphics with the reach of your boards and pins.

You also have the possibility to use different tools for users to reach your Pinterest profile through WordPress plugins

This platform currently exceeds 200 million monthly users. Your potential is becoming more than clear.