When we have our own company, you must know our clients well, what they like, where they go, what social networks they manage, etc. All this information will help us to know where we should put our efforts and based on that, define new strategies just like successful dentists in Tijuana knows their patients. Currently there is a great impact through social networks but contrary to what some believe, the digital marketing strategy should not replace traditional marketing, both have to support.

We know how to traditional marketing such as: flyers, posters, participation in fairs and congresses or the insertion of ads in the press, mentions in radio or television spot and all these are actions that if our budget allows, we should not stop doing.

Of course, when choosing which strategies we use, they will not be the ones that we like the most, but depend on the characteristics of our company and business sector. Let’s see some elements that we must take into account to develop our strategy:

Define objectives: We must have a digital presence for an objective and this has to be measurable in order to evaluate whether the strategy worked or we need to modify it or discard it. For our digital presence to generate benefits, all actions from our presence in social social networks, the website, email marketing campaigns to mobile marketing strategies must help us meet specific, achievable and measurable objectives.

Content: The content that you are going to create must be of value to your target audience. Any digital strategy must create quality, relevant and interesting content. Listen, ask and discover what they are looking for, what their followers need, what their tastes and preferences are, all this will generate interactions that in turn will generate sales. To generate content it is necessary to first meet our customers and then plan and schedule the publications.

Conversion: We get to the truth part, measuring the performance of your digital marketing strategy happens to know if it worked. It is important to know what to measure, for example if we look only at the increase in followers, we may be making a mistake as it is useless to have more followers or have many fans who do not participate, nor interact, we have to make sure that people that we are sending them the message and they are being new followers, they are future prospects and they are really interested in our product or service.