Digital marketing trends indicate that strategies focus, above all, on customer satisfaction. In this way, more and more technology is betting personalization of services to bring companies closer to users, something that is also widespread in the field of email marketing very well implemented by few Tijuana dentists.

Although at a certain point consumers choose to subscribe to a newsletter campaign, it is true that irrelevant content can cause them to cancel the subscription. Generic newsletters no longer work, and email marketing based on the behavior of each user is increasingly trending. In this way, as with Google ads, the information in the emails is adapted to what the consumer is consulting online, that is, what the user is interested in at those moments.

In short, the most important of our digital strategy will be to know who we are going to generate valuable information for them, to solve a problem or arouse interest in the products or services of our company to get leads: through a visit to our website, a purchase in our online store, a completed form, a received email, a phone call or a visualization of our physical location through a map.

Positioning in search engines: A common mistake is to think that having active social networks and once created our website, users will visit us, and the truth is not like that. We can generate the best content on the network, but if we do not get to position ourselves in search engines nobody will find us. We must work with SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization).

Ideally, they should study very well how to implement them or preferably hire a professional to help them appear in the top positions of the search engines, have a good Page Rank and have their articles read by the largest number of people.

Communication: What is not communicated, does not exist, Communication for our strategy must be bidirectional and personalized. In the digital environment, we have to listen, communicate, act quickly, and effectively. We have to create conversations, be transparent and humanize our brand. We must respond to the mentions and dialogue through our social profiles.

It is also very important to listen to what they say about your brand, far from being offended block bad comments, answer them and try to solve them, clear also answer good comments and if possible share them so that those who are hesitating to buy feel more sure seeing a real review.