If you already know what you want your business to be, you are already ahead, this is a very difficult decision and in which many do not undertake because they are not clear about what they want to do.

The next step, which is the basis of success is the planning, you have to know who you’re going to sell to, how those people think and with what kind of message and half you will get to them. If you are not an expert in this part you can seek help with an advisor or enroll in a sales and marketing course that will teach you the basics so you can start, over time you will have more budget to invest in experts to help thats what many dentists in Mexico have done.

Find a work team
This part is not fundamental in the beginning, since you can start your own, but it is good that you go see what kind of personnel will require in the future, so when the time comes to hire you will know what you are looking for.

Focus on adding value to your client

It’s time for you to put yourself at the feet of your client or consumer and think: how would I like to be spoken to? What are the qualities I look for in this type of products or services? Among other questions, the point is that you reflect on how you can make your client prefer you to the competition and work on it.

Do not give up
This last step is one of the most difficult, at the beginning nothing will be easy and you will have many obstacles and you will not want to give up. Maybe you think: this of having my own business is not for me, but in reality it’s simply your mind trying to go back to the easy way, but once you pass that phase and solutions all the problems that arise, because remember that you are learning , you will make many mistakes but in the end you will see that it was worth every drop of sweat and every wakefulness.