Often when businesses branch out to China, there is a need for Chinese-based teams to translate various documents into English, be it for reporting purposes or otherwise. Commonly, advertising agencies with both English and Chinese audiences, educational bodies, power and energy and other industries require Chinese to English translation companies top of their game, and this is not an easy vetting process. In fact, there was an increase of more than 80 percent of organizations requiring Chinese to English translation services since 2016 making multilingual translation companies in high demand. Finding the best agency is crucial for any company to maximize their success and growth. Here are four tips to help organizations vet the best companies that offer certified Chinese to English translation services.

Must Master Chinese Languages and Dialects for Clean Translation

While Mandarin is the main language spoken in China, it is not the only one. All too often Chinese to English translation agencies will pick up projects for dialects their teams are not certified to translate at a master level. There are four main languages in China that include Mandarin,Yue (Cantonese), Wu and Min. Furthermore, each has unique dialects with original vocabulary and phrasing. When vetting Chinese to English translation agencies make sure your multilingual translation company boasts multiple teams certified to translate your target Chinese language and dialects.

Look for Flexible Multilingual Translation Agencies

The multilingual translation agency is flooded with Chinese to English translation companies that run and communicate according to the tune of “normal operating hours”. Your internal team and your Chinese to English translation project manager must be able to communicate seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Your project’s integrity could depend on fast, instant communication. That said, search for a translation company that can translate large documents 24/7. Furthermore, they should use a team mentality where alterations can be modified immediately.

Technical Chinese to English Translation

Technical translation is a hyper specialized and requires a level of Chinese to English translation service from teams of certified experts in niche spaces. Translating documents produced by technical writers absconds the norms in translation and interpretation services. For example, owner’s manuals, user guides, and scientific technical documents require instructional and informational information. It is of major importance to find a Chinese to English translator who is both a native speaker and certified to translate special Chinese terminology and technical texts into English through a broad range of subjects and industries. Just be sure they have teams that have mastered projects like yours in the past. Your Chinese to English translation services provider must provide multilingual translators who mastered your subject’s knowledge with relevant terminology and writing conventions.
Great Customer Service

Sure, we all expect great customer service no matter where we seek services. But when it comes to Chinese to English translation companies, the level of customer service can impact the quality of a project. When multilingual translation companies have teams who communicate flawlessly, the likeliness for tasks to be misunderstood, skipped or performed late reduces significantly. We all communicate internally and externally in a different manner with a different cadence. Make sure your Chinese to English translation agency is capable of identifying your team’s needs with the ability to communicate accordingly.